Cloud Mining Comparison

Cloud Mining Comparison

As mining generates large energy consumption and heat that is a real problem you can always mine Cryptocurrency in online. For those decided to mine not on  their own there is a list of online mining services.  Here is a list of cloud mining sevices.

RX 460 in practice mining Ethereum Zcash and Monero

RX 460 is mentioned to be half of RX 480. It really is in practice. Although You can unlock some additional shadders on RX 460 I’ve done my test on original bios without any MODs. So You can look as RX 460 copes in different mining scripts before You decide for this card. The card is worth its value although graphic cards are all overvalued. It’s advantage is low heat  an low noise

How to run 6 VIDEO card in Your mining rig

I have sped lots of time trying to solve the problems that often appear over 4 video cards. The problem of running 6 cards is not so easy. As my experience i would like to share each graphic cards miners also as an electronic is to pay attention to power supply.

First check if power power supply is enough. Pay attention to current on 12V line as its main for you graphic card.

Try to also to distribute all separate plugs equally for all cards.

If a Error 43 appears in system it informs You about possibility of PSU overload by numerous hardware.

To simply solve this problem you have to unlock power limits in registry that this great tool already makes. It’s a pleasure to share this great helpful tool. Such a good work makes the all cryptocurrency believers even stronger.


6xGPU mod

Best cryptocurrenicies to mine on GPU

What else to mine insted of Ether?

In extremely rising Ethereum difficulty rate and cards not reaching Europe but stay in Asian cryptocurrency farms mining can be frustrating. The price also not encourage. After peak up to $400 it melts down to $260 for today. For those who search alternatives for Ether there is always a youger bro Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Zcash Classic and Monero .  The most usefull and perspective of them seem to be Zcash for its total animosity and Monero as strong and limited in count cryptocurrency

Ethereum mining guide

Ethereum mining guide

To help all willing to mine Ethereum, tempted by passive earning   and willing to  experience happiness of making mining rig i decided to write this short software focused guide. Benath I will try to explain the steps and tools You would need if You already determined.

Hardware Requirements

2GB graphic card – for a biginners Radeon 280X would be a perfect choice. RX 480 and GTX 1060 are currently top frequently used new cards choosen by miners. Quite cheap and really strong card. Also NVidia cards are well for mining Ethereum but only above GTX 970 and newer

4GB RAM – lots of RAM is allocated during mining. The DAG file is currently about 2GB and still rising. Also the current choped and mixed work must be stored somewhere. DaggerHashimoto script on witch Ethereum is based is so memory demanding in puprose to avoid ASIC machines and let miners only use graphic cards to mine.

Sotware Requrements

First You will create Your account in ethereum network. Then You will configure Your GPU by installing up-dated drivers and  C+ Redistribute Libraries. Then You can download a miner configure it and start to hash. Then tune it. Please also remember about latest GPU drivers. Especially those WHQL – Windows certificated are preferred as one that allow to Afterburner – MSIAfterburnerSetup works properly. This app will let You set clock optimal and lower the power of GPU for energy saving  even up to 40%

Summarising You will need:

  • C+ Redistributable
  • GPU drivers
  • Mining program
  • GPU – tune application (optional)

The Ethereum mining software that You can download beneath has to be configure by putting Your pool and miner name. To do this copy original Start-Nanopool+suprnova2  file and start to modification it by one step each time checking result if the worker appear on the pool. Remember that some pool have some lag in spotting Your new worker. Usually worker is spotted by pool after first share it counts as accepted.

Allowing ethminer to go thought firewall

From my experience if You are mining on Windows You will have to enable rules in firewall and let ethminer communicate with its network To do this go to Network and sharing center, then click Windows Firewall on the left and then Advanced setting  also on the left. A new window with rules shoul apprear. there You can find You ethminer line by path and make the rule for windows firewall to allow this app. Beneath are 3 screen of steps

rull in firewall1 rull in firewall2 rull in firewall3

As return You for nice guide You can mine for me for  some time.

filesClaymore’s  Ethereum+Decred_Siacoin_Lbry_Pascal v9.5

Online minining services

Online minining services

For all those who are unwilling to assembly mining rigs care about electricity prices and watch mining rigs there are outsourcing options. Platforms such as Hashflare and Genesis-Mining.

To consider what way of mining is better let’s compare advantages and disadvantages according to mininig on Your own at home.


Free mind – no watching rigs, restarting, updating software. Belief me it really lot of work and risk in assembling your first mining rig.

No additional electricity costs – wherever Yo live better check You electricity costs. In some countries mining on old hardware can be unprofitable

No heat or noise at home, no fire threat, no radiation



Profits are diminished by the maintenance and electricity costs on the mining platforms – you don’t have impact on them

You can  not sell mining hardware if you make a decision to withdraw everything. The contract stops when profits regarding to the difficulty level will meet the maintenance and electricity costs. So the durance is based partly on the power of online mining farm according to total hashing power.

Thats why its allways invest in proof and huge online mining platforms ex. Hashflare




Ethereum mining pools list


pool name pool payment system and feeadditional information
1% fee
-nice statistics in ETH and $
HTTPS://DWARFPOOL.COM/HBPPS-lots of servers worldwide
-nice hashrate ans stats but poor graphs
HTTP://ETH.NANOPOOL.ORG/PPLNS for 15min-6 servers locations
-nice stats and GUI

-great graphs
HTTP://DONKEYPOOL.COM/unknown-nice hashrate
HTTP://WWW.HITCHPOOL.ORG/0.5% pool fee– from 0.1 ether, no tx fee from 1.0 ether
-Payout of all rewards (blocks, uncles & gas)
HTTP://ETHEREUM.MININGPOOLHUB.COM/0.9%. (1) block finding reward 5 ETH
(2) transaction fee (gas spent)

(3) uncle reward (4.375 ETH, 3.75 ETH, 3.125 ETH, 2.5 ETH, 1.875 ETH, 1.25 ETH)

(4) uncle inclusion incentive (0.3125 ETH, 0.15625 ETH)
RBPPS 3.0%

Mining payment systems comparision

  1. Proportional – no hazardous for pool owner cause payment to miners is done until the block is found. Then the proportional share is divided between  miners according to the hash rate they have contributed in time between previous found block and current. This type of payment can vary much in time because the moment of founding the block is totally random. In this type of payment only the large share of pool in entire currency mining size.

  2. PPS – Pay per Share – stable earning but charged with high pool fee often. The pool pays independently from the block finding moment. Even if the founded block is orphaned the miners also get payed for it. The Payment is calculated by the shares sent by miner. Expensive but stable.

  3. RBPPS – Round Based Pay Per Share – as above but do not pay for orphaned.

  4. PPLNS – Pay Per Last Number of Shares – quite stable considering a resistance to pool hoppers. The idea is similar to Proportional as miners take the risk of variance of finding a block on themselves as one pool. It means the miners earnings appear only when block is found. But PPLNS has a feature that the earnings level are calculated on the number of shares of previous block. So the curve of earnings increases quite long but also diminishes in long period of time even after stooped mining. This protects against pool hooppers which have noting to gather because to get payed they would have to participate in previous block mining.

  5. HBPPS – Hourly based PPS – also payed pay shares calculated up to finding block but calculated on the hourly basis

Ethereum DAG size predictions

Ethereum DAG size predictions

The DAG started at 1 GB at the time of the Frontier launch, and increases by approximately 0.73x per year. Current size is about 1.80 GB as of mid-November 2016.


  • The 2GB limit will be reached December 2016
  • The 3GB limit will be reached April 2018
  • The 4GB limit will be reached September 2019

However, it’s likely that the switch to PoS will occur long before then.

Some GPUs will need the DAG to be uploaded in chunks. You should search then for Genoil chunked ethminer.

All You got to know about mining