Ethereum mining pools list


pool name pool payment system and feeadditional information
1% fee
-nice statistics in ETH and $
HTTPS://DWARFPOOL.COM/HBPPS-lots of servers worldwide
-nice hashrate ans stats but poor graphs
HTTP://ETH.NANOPOOL.ORG/PPLNS for 15min-6 servers locations
-nice stats and GUI

-great graphs
HTTP://DONKEYPOOL.COM/unknown-nice hashrate
HTTP://WWW.HITCHPOOL.ORG/0.5% pool fee– from 0.1 ether, no tx fee from 1.0 ether
-Payout of all rewards (blocks, uncles & gas)
HTTP://ETHEREUM.MININGPOOLHUB.COM/0.9%. (1) block finding reward 5 ETH
(2) transaction fee (gas spent)

(3) uncle reward (4.375 ETH, 3.75 ETH, 3.125 ETH, 2.5 ETH, 1.875 ETH, 1.25 ETH)

(4) uncle inclusion incentive (0.3125 ETH, 0.15625 ETH)
RBPPS 3.0%

One thought on “Ethereum mining pools list”

  1. Hello, I have made a research on all forums I know (and in google too) to find all alive Ethereum Mining pools. I have made a table with all of them with real time updating. Find the best pool for you using ping and fee information. Less ping is better. Hope you find it useful( spent a couple of days to make it) visit
    If you know other pools, please let me know.

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