Mining payment systems comparision

  1. Proportional – no hazardous for pool owner cause payment to miners is done until the block is found. Then the proportional share is divided between  miners according to the hash rate they have contributed in time between previous found block and current. This type of payment can vary much in time because the moment of founding the block is totally random. In this type of payment only the large share of pool in entire currency mining size.

  2. PPS – Pay per Share – stable earning but charged with high pool fee often. The pool pays independently from the block finding moment. Even if the founded block is orphaned the miners also get payed for it. The Payment is calculated by the shares sent by miner. Expensive but stable.

  3. RBPPS – Round Based Pay Per Share – as above but do not pay for orphaned.

  4. PPLNS – Pay Per Last Number of Shares – quite stable considering a resistance to pool hoppers. The idea is similar to Proportional as miners take the risk of variance of finding a block on themselves as one pool. It means the miners earnings appear only when block is found. But PPLNS has a feature that the earnings level are calculated on the number of shares of previous block. So the curve of earnings increases quite long but also diminishes in long period of time even after stooped mining. This protects against pool hooppers which have noting to gather because to get payed they would have to participate in previous block mining.

  5. HBPPS – Hourly based PPS – also payed pay shares calculated up to finding block but calculated on the hourly basis

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