Online minining services

Online minining services

For all those who are unwilling to assembly mining rigs care about electricity prices and watch mining rigs there are outsourcing options. Platforms such as Hashflare and Genesis-Mining.

To consider what way of mining is better let’s compare advantages and disadvantages according to mininig on Your own at home.


Free mind – no watching rigs, restarting, updating software. Belief me it really lot of work and risk in assembling your first mining rig.

No additional electricity costs – wherever Yo live better check You electricity costs. In some countries mining on old hardware can be unprofitable

No heat or noise at home, no fire threat, no radiation



Profits are diminished by the maintenance and electricity costs on the mining platforms – you don’t have impact on them

You can  not sell mining hardware if you make a decision to withdraw everything. The contract stops when profits regarding to the difficulty level will meet the maintenance and electricity costs. So the durance is based partly on the power of online mining farm according to total hashing power.

Thats why its allways invest in proof and huge online mining platforms ex. Hashflare




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