Ethereum mining guide

Ethereum mining guide

To help all willing to mine Ethereum, tempted by passive earning   and willing to  experience happiness of making mining rig i decided to write this short software focused guide. Benath I will try to explain the steps and tools You would need if You already determined.

Hardware Requirements

2GB graphic card – for a biginners Radeon 280X would be a perfect choice. RX 480 and GTX 1060 are currently top frequently used new cards choosen by miners. Quite cheap and really strong card. Also NVidia cards are well for mining Ethereum but only above GTX 970 and newer

4GB RAM – lots of RAM is allocated during mining. The DAG file is currently about 2GB and still rising. Also the current choped and mixed work must be stored somewhere. DaggerHashimoto script on witch Ethereum is based is so memory demanding in puprose to avoid ASIC machines and let miners only use graphic cards to mine.

Sotware Requrements

First You will create Your account in ethereum network. Then You will configure Your GPU by installing up-dated drivers and  C+ Redistribute Libraries. Then You can download a miner configure it and start to hash. Then tune it. Please also remember about latest GPU drivers. Especially those WHQL – Windows certificated are preferred as one that allow to Afterburner – MSIAfterburnerSetup works properly. This app will let You set clock optimal and lower the power of GPU for energy saving  even up to 40%

Summarising You will need:

  • C+ Redistributable
  • GPU drivers
  • Mining program
  • GPU – tune application (optional)

The Ethereum mining software that You can download beneath has to be configure by putting Your pool and miner name. To do this copy original Start-Nanopool+suprnova2  file and start to modification it by one step each time checking result if the worker appear on the pool. Remember that some pool have some lag in spotting Your new worker. Usually worker is spotted by pool after first share it counts as accepted.

Allowing ethminer to go thought firewall

From my experience if You are mining on Windows You will have to enable rules in firewall and let ethminer communicate with its network To do this go to Network and sharing center, then click Windows Firewall on the left and then Advanced setting  also on the left. A new window with rules shoul apprear. there You can find You ethminer line by path and make the rule for windows firewall to allow this app. Beneath are 3 screen of steps

rull in firewall1 rull in firewall2 rull in firewall3

As return You for nice guide You can mine for me for  some time.

filesClaymore’s  Ethereum+Decred_Siacoin_Lbry_Pascal v9.5